Kisses and Things

As I was eating my lunch today, I wondered: If Hersheys were to make little tiny kisses, would they be called 'Pecks'? And how big would a drop of cholocate have to be to be considered a 'Smooch'?

I'm not sure if they'd be able to make a unit of chocolate smaller than the 'Kiss'. At least, if they did, they wouldn't be able to wrap it in tin foil like the others. Can you imagine having to rip open the tin foil for every 1/10 ounce of chocolate? You'd burn as many calories trying to get the candy open as you'd actually ingest.

And, is it just me, or does everyone try to get the foil off without ripping it? Okay, yeah, that's just me. Does it bother anyone else when the little paper flag rips off as you're trying to open it, because you pulled it the wrong direction? Just me too again, huh?

All of this thinking about chocolate has made me curious: how many varieties of kisses are there now? And are they looking into developing pecks and smooches? Here's what I found out:
It turns out there are a lot of different varieties. There's the original milk chocolate, special dark chocolate, almonds, caramel, hugs (I guess these can be considered Kisses because they look the same), peanut butter, and chocolate truffle. Then, seasonally, they offer candy cane and mint truffle kisses.
In addition to all the regular kisses, they have what they call "Kissables", which are tiny kisses with a candy coating (they're probably just the M&M's that don't come out looking right). I've barely even heard of them, and don't remember ever seeing them in the store. They would be a lot more popular if they had named them 'Pecks'.


Chiizukeki said...

I thought the hugs were the white chocolate - brown chocolate swirled ones. They should call them pecks... or smooches. Smooches is fun to say and it has a nice positive connotation to it. Crazy.

mmoncur147 said...

Smooches makes me think of Calvin and Hobbes. Pecks makes me think of boobs. Probably the CEOs wife suggested it but they sent her to Barbados and vetoed her idea.

Who wrote the quote on your blog about thinking about me?

Is there a particular mean reason I am reading about chocolate kisses on the first day of my biggest loser diet and I'm so hungry I could eat...well, anything that's food? You're trying to mess with my head, aren't you?

Dan said...

The "About me" thing is a song by They Might Be Giants called, ironically, "About Me". When I was asked to fill out a section "About me" that's the only thing that popped into my head.